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How to Stop Hair Loss In 3 months

If you are noticing visible lesser hair all of the sudden, loss of hair during wash, hair on your pillow and bedroom floor, then you are probably suffering from severe hair loss problem.
This condition happens to everybody no matter what age you are. Its a problem that caused by many factor and should not be left untreated if you wanna have thick, lustrous and beautiful healthy hair.

Here at Amos Hair Studio,
-we identified the problem
-what causes it
-estimate period for recovery
-give steps on how to maintain healthy hair.

Many are embarrassed by their scalp condition and result in loss of confidence. Lets face it, you dont wanna stand or sit next to a person that has dandruff around their shoulder or start losing hair as early as 18 year old. Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. And we will be honest, we cant cure major scalp problem. We advice to go to dermatologist for that. 

Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair 😀

Mister Teen Globe International 2019

One of the recent pagaent that we helped made successful.

“KOTA KINABALU: Sebanyak 14 negara berentap merebut gelaran Mister Teen Globe International 2019 yang akan membawa pulang hadiah keseluruhan berjumlah RM60,000.

Hadiah keseluruhan merangkumi biasiswa dari Kolej Kiara, barangan kemas, produk penjagaan kecantikan, wang tunai dan beberapa hadiah lain akan direbut oleh peserta yang telah dipilih oleh Organisasi Teen Globe International bagi negara masing-masing.

Antara negara terlibat bagi pertandingan itu adalah India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, Filipina, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Borneo termasuk wakil dari Malaysia sendiri.”

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Amos Hair Studio featured in Breeze Magazine issue 135

It was a privilege and honor to be featured in Breeze Magazine together with The Balloon Man Jude Chong.

Every successful story comes with their own fair share of failures.
Hairdressing is Josh Paul’s first love, Our Hair Director at Amos Hair Studio.
And now he is embarking with new entrepreneurship by collaborating with influencers in the local communities and setting high-profile not just in hairdressing but in business and innovations for the future generation.


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